MOOVAL is a friendly service by PANDA · Last updated on Oct 12, 2020 · Changelog

With MOOVAL[MOVE ALL] you can easily move your personal data (playlists, tracks and likes) from one streaming service to another. Depending on how many playlists, tracks and likes you want to move the migration can take a few minutes – this is also affected by request limitations from some streaming services and our server load.

We built MOOVAL to use our preciously collected music with not only one streaming service. And of course – your data should be free as well!

Easily move your data:

  • Connect to the import- and export service
  • MOOVAL analyzes your data and offers you a smart result list – select the playlists & likes you want to move
  • Press "Move" to transfer your data
  • Please note that we do not store any of your data

We've doublechecked the output for all of our accounts, and the results look pretty good but of course, we can not guarantee this will work for everyone. Particularly, we are not entirely sure if we can handle accounts with a huge amount of data sufficiently – so please be patient.

A quick note: some MOOVALS work better than others. As we are not able to look up the IRSC number (which works as a digital ID for music tracks like the German ISBN for books) for every service, we have to rely on the artist and title tags of each track – which sometimes leads to ambiguous matches. Furthermore, please notice that naturally the available music catalogue of the streaming services are not entirely identical.

In any case MOOVAL will hopefully save you lots of hours of copying over your playlists and favorites manually.

We support the following music streaming services by now:

Check MOOVAL on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for status updates and new feature announcements. Please contact us if you have any feature requests or suggestions for improvement – we are looking forward to hear from you.
Happy moving!

You like MOOVAL? We are thankful for every donation to keep our servers running!

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Wrap your favourite music
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Easily move your playlists, tracks and likes from one streaming service to another.